Action Step: Sign up to attend a School Committee Meeting this year.  SC Meeting Sign Up IEA Members 2022-2023


At our Fall Meeting, we set a goal of having 3-5 IEA members in attendance at every School Committee Meeting this year.  Our presence at these meetings helps to create the relationship between ourselves and the School Committee that we will need to be successful in Negotiations 2024.  We need everyone to sign up for ONE meeting.  This is something we all can do!


Action Step: Consider doing a Snapshot Presentation (Sign Up on the spreadsheet above)

A Snapshot is a 5min presentation for the School Committee.  As educators, we want to help the School Committee better understand what teaching and learning looks like in our classrooms and schools.  It can focus on any aspect of teaching and learning, nothing is too small or insignificant.  You could provide a snapshot of a lesson, let them look at samples of student work, let them see how you make use of spaces in your building, or show them collaboration or interdisciplinary work.  The idea is to give the School Committee a glimpse of something that happens for students in your classroom or school.  Simply focus on letting them know what it is and how it benefits students.